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Sales Enablement

Our platform is constantly growing with new projects being added. By partnering with us you can take advantage of sending proposals to projects that align with your core competencies. Our goal is for us to help reduce your sales costs and become your majority revenue generator.

Core Competencies

We have built a core competency-based system. You will receive notifications and have the ability to submit proposals to projects based on the core competencies selected. As you grow your abilities, you will have the opportunity to grow your company by securing more projects.

Trusted Payments

We have simplified payments to your company by establishing a trust-based system. All project related payments flow through secure services and payments are disbursed by us based on the agreement made between your company and the customer.

Trusted Support

Hyper Source is obsessed with providing your company a smooth experience on our platform to secure new business. We facilitate negotiations to ensure your best chance at securing the contract once a customer has selected your proposal

Documentation Services

We realize that finding and securing a project in another country can be daunting in terms of documentation requirements. We work with your company on standardized templates and assist with project negotiations to help you secure the project.

US Representation

We understand you may not have a physical location in the US. We are a US company based in Research Triangle Park (RTP) North Carolina with a team to help your company secure projects. We partner with you to provide proactive face time to customers secured through our platform. We represent your company to provide proactive face time with customers, QBR reviews, contract negotiations and renewals to ensure secured project growth.

How it works!


Create an account and tell us about your company, including what you’re skilled at. We’ll be in touch to get your company accepted onto our exclusive platform.


Once you’ve been accepted on the platform, you’ll start receiving notifications for projects that meet your specific core competencies.


If you see a project that matches, submit a proposal for it. We’ll help to make sure that you and the project owner are on the same page.


If the project owner selects your proposal, you’ll be awarded exclusive access to finalize the project details and sign necessary agreements. We’re here to help your company through this process.

Monthly Pricing Plans

Pricing that works!


  • Number of Core Competencies3
  • Proposal submissions per month1
  • US Representation


$499 US Representation (optional)
  • Number of Core Competencies5
  • Proposal submissions per month3
  • 5 Hours of US Representation (optional)


$849 US Representation (optional)
  • Number of Core Competencies9
  • Proposal submissions per month7
  • 10 Hours of US Representation (optional)


$1199 US Representation (optional)
  • Number of Core CompetenciesUnlimited
  • Proposal submissions per monthUnlimited
  • 15 Hours of US Representation (optional)

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