About Us

Why we exist

We believe we can change the world by helping companies unlock the potential of current data sets by leveraging machine learning algorithms. We are a US company based in the Research Triangle region of NC and a phone call away. We are passionate about technology specifically the dawn of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What we do

We have cultivated a huge network of global service providers who are vetted through our own intelligent platform. We provide our customers with highly trained agile teams in any desired core competencies within DAYS. We manage the delivery of these teams to ensure minimal interruption to our customers. We ensure that all our team leaders are physically located close to our customers so a quick phone call or drive away.

Why Choose Us

Your Neighbor

We are a US company based in Research Triangle Park (RTP) North Carolina with a local team to help our customers. We are a phone call away and we also do in person meetings to assist our customers along the way.

Service Provider Network

Access to a high-quality global service provider network that is constantly growing. The Hyper Source platform does not host any freelancers but instead fully vetted companies by us. We use multiple different techniques to perform due diligence and vetting of the service providers before they come onto our platform.

Unparallel Support

Hyper Source is obsessed with providing our customers an awesome experience on our platform and supporting throughout the engagement. We work with our customers from the time a project is listed through securing a service provider. Additionally, we can also help with managing the project if our customers require it.

Simplified Payments

We have simplified the management and payments of projects by establishing a trust-based system. All project related payments flow through secure services and payments are disbursed by us based on the agreement made between the customer and service provider.

Project Documentation

We realize that finding and securing a service provider is the first major milestone. The negotiations and contract documentation are the next steps that follows. We provide easy to use templates (SOW, MSA) as a starting point and we assist with project negotiations to help close on the engagement.

Core Competencies

Our Provider Network is based on their core competencies to ensure we have companies that are passionate about what they do. We also provide a rating system to ensure only the best providers continue to stay on the platform.


We enable global partnerships based on project requirements, needs and core competencies. Our platform connects your company to a global network of high-quality vetted service providers who compete for your business. Our service provider network is razor focused on their core competencies and not generalists like the outsourcing companies of today.

Legacy Apps

Rapid technological change has made applications legacy and out of favor for current job seekers. We aspire to be a one stop shop for the end to end management and maintenance of all legacy applications through our global network of service providers. With legacy applications transitioned, valuable resources free up ready to deploy to higher priority projects.

Enabling Innovation

As applications and data continues to move to the edge, newer technologies have emerged. Why spend valuable resources and time on legacy applications? We partner with you on taking up your legacy applications freeing up time for your company to innovate and work on emerging technologies.

Project Management

Managing projects that span geographies and multiple time zones is challenging. We provide PMO for projects that either follow Agile or the waterfall methodology. Select a plan from one of our customized offerings.


Staffing for legacy skills and core competencies is a huge challenge as universities transition curriculum to emerging technologies. Forget hiring for legacy skills and instead tap into our global service provider network by transitioning legacy application projects.

Provider Network

Our network of service providers is a collection of companies from around the globe. These companies are fully vetted based on an exhaustive list of requirements ensuring low transition times, high-quality work and an awesome experience.


Nailing down project requirements, KPI’s and pricing is challenging. Leverage our experience and market-based approach through our platform for statements of work (SOW), master service agreements (MSA), negotiations and pricing to ensure the right staffing of project.

Projects we take on

Graphic & UI/UX

We support multiple legacy UI/UX technologies to take on content management, development, test, bug fixing as well as managing and maintaining websites.

SW Development & Maintenance

We support the development and bug fixing of legacy applications. Through our service provider network we can transition projects for support on multiple different stacks, platforms and programming languages.

QA & Automation

We can take on all testing and QA needs of legacy applications. We have the required core competencies to support multiple automation frameworks to fit your current needs.

Support Services

From a support perspective we can take on the tasks of root cause analysis (RCA) for customer escalated issues, bug fixing and delivering the fixes to customers through service packs and hot fixes.

Mobile Development

We support all mobile development and Apps linked to legacy applications.

Translation & Localization

Leverage our global supplier network for translation and localization needs. Our network provides native language services for your localization needs.

How it works!


List Your Project

We’ll help to make sure that everything a potential service provider needs to provide an accurate proposal is included.


View Your Proposals

Service Providers will review your project and respond with custom proposals. We’ll make sure those proposals meet your requirements and provide the information you need to choose a provider.


Choose a Provider

Once you’re satisfied with a service provider’s proposal, we’ll help you finalize on project details and enter into an agreement with your provider.


Pay For Your Project

Payment for your project is held in a secure account and released to the service provider based on the contractual agreement.

Pricing Plans

Pricing that works!


  • One time project listing fee
  • Project vetting services
  • Proposal negotiation services
  • Global provider network
  • Document templates
  • Secure services


  • Lower project listing fee
  • 10 hrs/mo of project mgmt
  • All basic plan services


  • Even lower project listing fee
  • Lower project mgmt fee
  • 20 hrs/mo of project mgmt
  • All basic plan services


  • Lowest project listing fee
  • Lowest project mgmt fee
  • 40hrs/mo of project mgmt
  • All basic plan services


Just want to give a shout out to the folks at Hyper Source. A simple to use platform to source projects and reduce our cost of sales. Outstanding support that helped us along the way. Good job and keep it up.


Nods of appreciation from across the world.

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